Dart Frogs For Sale


Dart Frogs For Sale      65


Dart Frogs For Sale

Sipaliwini (True Sips), Cb Dart Frogs – Dendrobates Tinctorius, Juvies


True Sipaliwini Dart Frogs For Sale


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Defining Characteristics:


Great Beginner Frog

Bright Coloration


Easy To Breed

Quiet Call


Can Be Kept In Groups When Young

Best Kept In Pairs As Adults


Temperature: They Can Tolerate A Temperature Range Of 65 F To 80 F, But Prefer Temperatures In The Low To Mid 70s. Temperatures Over 85f Are Dangerous.


Humidity: Like Most Poison Dart Frogs, Azureus Prefer A Humidity Range Of 70 – 100%, But Can Tolerate Humidity Down To 50% For Short Periods Of Time If The Frogs Have Access To Water. Low Humidity Levels, Especially Without Access To Water, Can Quickly Be Fatal.


Size: Adult Female Azureus Are Larger, Measuring In At Approximately 2 Inches. Male Azureus Are A Bit Smaller, Averaging About 1.5 Inches At Maturity.




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