Redfoot Tortoise


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Redfoot Tortoise

Baby Red Foot Tortoise


We Have Some Fantastic Captive Bred Super Colorful Red Foot Tortoise For Sale.  The Red Foot Tortoise Is One Of The Most Popular Pet Tortoise For Sale In The United States And Is Also Known For Being One Of The More Colorful Species Of Tortoise For Sale In The World.   Average Size Is 10-11″ And 15-20 Lbs At 20 Years Of Age.  Red Foots Can Live Up To 100 Years When Properly Cared For.


Product Description

Baby Red Foot Tortoise Geochelone Carbonaria Red Foot Tortoisesare One Of The Most Popular Species Of Tortoises Available For People That Are New To Tortoise Care. They Have Beautiful And Unique, Bright Red Legs Along With Yellow And Sometimes Red Markings On Their Heads. They’re Native To A Wide Range Of Habitats, Making Them A Very Hardy Species That Are Easier To Care For Than Some Other Species.


Your Baby Red Foot Tortoise Will Love To Cool Off, Soaking In Water That Isn’t Too Deep For The Tortoise. They Are Omnivorous Creatures That Thrive On Both Plant And Animal Matter In Their Natural Habitats But Meat Should Not Be Part Of A Daily Diet. Red Foot Tortoises Are Active Tortoises That Enjoy Wandering And Carrying On, But It’s Essential That They Have A Place To Take Refuge.


Baby Red Foot Tortoise For Sale

We Currently Have Red Foot Tortoise Hatchings For Sale, Well Started Baby Red Foot Tortoise For Sale(Recommended Over The More Fragile Hatchlings) And Cute And Plump 1-Year-Old Red Foot Tortoises For Sale In Stock.


Our Red Foot Tortoises For Sale Come From Top-Quality Adult Red Foot Tortoise Breed Stock And Exemplify The Species Standard In Both Color, And Temperament.   Red Foot Tortoises For Sale Are Fairly Easy In Terms Of Care Level, And Make Great Additions To Any Tortoise Collection Especially Once They Are At Least 4 Months Old Which Is Why We Always Recommend The Well Started Baby Red Foot Tortoise For Sale Over The Fresh Hatchling Red Foot Tortoises For Sale Online.



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